Some Free BTC: Faucet List

You Own a Faucet

You own a faucet and you yant to be listed here.
No problem it's easy, no people to contact. No mails to send or forms to complete.
You only need to doawnload this file on your faucet.
Verify the configuration on config.php file. And visit your pge to enable the listing process.

Download only on this page and verify the 'sha256' before launch.
This file can have acess to your configuration data of your paments.
If you download from other sources or you don't verify the https of this site and you launch the script, change your micropayments keys.
Moreover i encourage you to see the code of file.
This file don't read and don't send any important data.

When you visit the page verify your data. Then click button send.
When the task is complete you will see a message that you have been registered.
Your faucet will appear next hour, the time that our program parse your site.

You Own a Faucet list

You own a faucet list or you want to have a faucet list.
No problems you cant easly host to your website this faucet list with your own refferal id.
You only need to embed the page here and parse args service= for the moment only express crypto faucet are listed and the currency you want currency= and if you want use your own refferal link like this refferal= Your own user id.
If you don't want scrollbar on the embeded page put the iframe id to somefreebtc-faucetlist and the height will automaticly resize.

Here is an example:
<iframe src=' currency=BTC&refferal=EC-UserId-23257' id='somefreebtc-faucetlist' width='100%' height='100%'></iframe>