Faucet Infos

May 2020

15/05/2020: Halving is passed and btc is up so reward is lower. 17/05/2020: Payment from tmearn of 49600 btc satoshis.
19/05/2020: Payment from Bitmedia of 101000 satoshis.
23/05/2020: Payment from zlink of 11462 btc satoshis (1.2$)
23/05/2020: Payment from Tmearn of 50000 btc satoshis (5.10$)
23/05/2020: Payment from Bitlinks 3 of 10749 btc satoshis (1.01$)
29/05/2020: Payment from Zlink.xyz-sh of 16124 btc satoshis (1.60$)

0 satoshis begining month

April 2020

1/04/2020: Adding 168046 satoshis (12$) to faucet. From personal earnings.
3/04/2020: Adding ExoClick Ads to have revenues for buying server because peoples are not generous.
10/04/2020: Adding a ad page sometimes on the faucet to make it run better.
11/04/2020: All withdraw are twice more important for one day.
20/04/2020: Adding Adshares ads And upgrade claims to 2 more satoshis per claims.
23/04/2020: Adding 166000 satoshis(11.45$) to faucet from Timebucks.

0 satoshis begining month

March 2020

11/03/2020: Adding Moon Ads And change the average claim from 12 satoshis to 15 satoshis
13/03/2020: Add 10000satoshis from personal account.
14/03/2020: Average change to 20 satoshis!! So 620 satoshis every days.
16/03/2020: Our express crypto account was frozen we all do our best to fix it!
21/03/2020: Our account was unfreeze so you can make claims again!!
24/03/2020: Adding 24101 satoshis feom personal account 1,60$
26/03/2020: Payout from dutchycorp.ovh of 9087 sats for 0.68$
    Payout from dutchycorp.space of 5093 sats for 0.37$
    All goes to faucet.
31/03/2020: We decided to change the method to withdraw, before, when you claim, you recieve directly payment but due from difficulties to have bitcoin we decide to put all demand in a wait list and it will withdraw every minutes. What it change? You can claim even if the faucet has no balance.
Faucet cost: 88.281 satoshis.
Faucet earnings: 14.180 satoshis.
My month balance: -74.101 satoshis

February 2020

15/02/2020: Adding popads for server cost.
27/02/2020: Adding adex banner for the thame reason.
No earning now from shortlink or from advertising management for the moment.
Faucet cost: 86.000 satoshis.
Faucet earnings: 0 satoshis.
My month balance: -70.000 satoshis

January 2020

18/01/2020: Removing ads wich paid low for your attention.
9/01/2020: Earnings decrease to 12,5 satoshis per claim but win more than 1100 satoshis frop your reffer reffer link per 1000 claims!!

December 2019

Servor cost: 823.852 satoshis.
Faucet cost: 56.000 satoshis.
Faucet earnings: 0 satoshis.
My month balance: -879.852 satoshis