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With this tab you can change your JSEcoin to satoshi on express crypto. Due to change fees and the changing price of coins, 1 JSEcoin is equal to 1.2 satoshis.
You can obtain JSEcoin with mining on your webbrowser with their platform. If you have a website you can mine more with it. For exemple with my phone I win about 1 JSEcoin every 10 minutes. Obtain jse coincode here: JSEcoin
Log transaction has been implemented. If you have any problem send a mail with your Expresscrypto ID here webmaster@support.somefreebtc.com
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Read or write post and make tips to earn the cryptocurrency you want. You can earn 0.50$ in 3 days. Good earnings! You can sing up Here!!

Cash Magnet

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Win monney easly with your android phone without doing nothing.
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If you want earn monney but do nothing you can use this app. You will earn about 5$ by month and you earn 5% of my wins and i win 5% of yours. This app is only on android phone but if you don't want to use it subscribe you will win 3$ by years at this day but in some time it will be more. Cash Magnet

Brave Browser

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Surf on the net without trakers and earn crypto.
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Surf in security with this browser. You have an adblock and cookiebloks directly in the browser. In addition you can earn BAT to see notificatios ads. The most of the browser is that any data is stored on the clouds an any people can access it.
Your data is protected and you win monney to see ads that you are bound to see. And you win also 5$ in BAT for the first month of use. It support also the cost of hosting this site! So thanks in advance! Brave
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Tired to make captcha from faucet and earn no much. Try 2 captcha and earn 1$ every 1000 captcha it's easy and fast to do it and you can recieve payements from 0.5$2Captcha